In the Factory Studios, Boscombe a small size darkroom available for rent. The darkroom provides possibilities for the following activities:

1. Cyanotype, Van Dyke prints. With the UV exposure unit it is possible to print without the use of natural light. You are welcome to bring other processes. Cyanotype sensitizer is provided in the price. The maximum print size is 16×12 inch (40×30 cm).

2. Black and white film developing. The old fashioned manual developing. I have the following developing tanks: 1 x 35mm, 2 x 120 and a 4x5inch tank (for 6 sheets at a time). Larger formats can developed in trays. Chemicals are provided in the price. 

Prices by hours:

Number of Hours:

Hour Rate: Sum:


20 £20


18 £36




4 16


5 16


6 16





8 15


Opening times: presently only for appointment.

3. Black and white printing. The darkroom is equipped with a De Vere 54 enlarger with LED light source (ideal for multigrade/vario contrast papers), makes it possible to print from 35mm to 4×5 inch. I supply all chemistry but anyone wishing to use their own developer needs to make this known at the time of booking. I don’t supply photo paper, it’s your responsibility. Any person wishing to use liquid emulsion will need to tell me in advance. The maximum print size is 16×12 inch (40×30 cm). 20×24 inch size can be printed for a special rate. 

Please note:
I do not allow people to rent the darkroom unless they already know how to print. I offer workshops and one-to-one tuition if you have never used a darkroom before.