Cyanotype printing

Cyanotype printing workshop:


Cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic printing processes. This procedure was developed by Sir John Herschel in 1842. Herschel discovered that paper impregnated with certain iron salts was light sensitive, and as a result a Prussian blue image was formed when exposed to light. In the 1850s, Anna Atkins used this method in botanical studies. Architects and engineers used this process in order to create copies of technical drawings, which are referred to as ‘blueprints’.

Cyanotype is a contact printing process, i.e. the negative and the image are the same size. Prints can be made on a variety of acid-free watercolour paper, certain rice paper or fabrics, such as silk and cotton. Images can be further enhanced by toning or hand colouring.


The cyanotype workshop is designed for newbies of contact printing techniques. During the workshop we will be mixing chemicals (these are all harmless), coating paper with different methods and printing with sunlight and/or artificial UV light. Previous experience is not necessary. Paper and chemicals are provided.

You are welcome to bring along any exposed B&W film (or negative) of your own, whether 35 mm, 120, 5×4 format or bigger. You will be able to print from them and can take prints home. However, if you don’t have any analogue negative, I will ask for two digital photographs in advance by email. I will make these into a negative prior the workshop, allowing you to create your own photographic cyanotype print.
Feel free to bring any flat, translucent object (pressed flowers or leaves, feathers, translucent paper with interesting pattern, etc.) to make photograms or bring any fancy, light-coloured paper you would want to experiment with during the cyanotype process.

The workshop takes place at the Factory Studios in Bournemouth.

The workshops can accommodate 4 participants (aged 10 or above) at the same time.

Price: £80/person (chemicals, papers, 2 negative printed included)

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I also provide One to one tuition in cyanotype printing. Just give me a ring for more information!
The content is decided by you and delivered at a pace to suit your level and prior knowledge.