Workshop Calendar

Workshop Calendar:

Summer Alternative Photography Workshops

The summer is here, and with lots of sunshine, it’s the perfect time to explore alternative photography processes! Join us for a series of creative workshops where you’ll learn unique and eco-friendly techniques to capture the beauty of nature using the power of the sun.

Workshops Offered:

  • Anthotype Discover the art of creating images using plant-based pigments. This eco-friendly process involves coating paper with natural dyes from flowers, fruits, and leaves, then exposing it to sunlight. Experience the magic of watching your images slowly appear! Date: 14th of July, 11:00 AM

  • Lumen Print Explore the fascinating world of lumen printing, where photographic paper is exposed to sunlight with various objects placed on top. This process creates beautiful, ethereal prints in a range of tones, often with stunning colors and patterns. Date: 25th of August, 11:00 AM

  • Cyanotype Learn the classic cyanotype process, which produces striking blue and white prints. Using a simple mixture of iron compounds, we’ll coat paper or fabric, then expose it to sunlight with a negative or object. The result is a vibrant, permanent image. Dates: 13th of July, 11:00 AM and 24th of August, 11:00 AM

Join us for one or all of these exciting workshops and unleash your creativity with the power of the sun. No prior experience is needed, and all materials will be provided.

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